St Peter’s Cemetery

 Oakwood Avenue – Troy, NY

St Peter’s Cemetery is located on the east side of Oakwood Avenue, across from the Oakwood Cemetery in the city of Troy and is one of the oldest Catholic cemeteries in Rensseler County. 

Trustees of St Peter’s Church purchased the land for this cemetery in 1858. Some earlier Catholic burials in Troy were in the southern section of the Old Mount Ida Cemetery on Pawling Avenue, where lots were also purchased by St Peter’s in 1835. This section is known as the “Old Catholic Burying-ground” (source: Weise, Arthur James “The City of Troy and It Vicinity”, Troy, NY, 1886). Very few headstones remain visible in this older cemetery, as they were intentionally laid flat in 1872 and eventually got turfed over.

Another, even older, Catholic burial place is in the Lansingburgh section of Troy. Information and links to burial maps can be found at

St Peter’s Church Troy NY

St Peter’s Church, the original Roman Catholic parish in Rensselaer County, incorporated in 1827. It was the third oldest Roman Catholic parish in New York State. St Peter’s Church closed in June 2009. Some more recent baptism and marriage records are held at St Anthony’s Church in Troy. The oldest records are at the Roman Catholic Diocese offices in Albany


While use of St Peter’s Cemetery began in 1858, interment records before 1909 were lost. Neither St Anthony’s nor the Diocese have these interment records. The records in the list below for over 11,000 burials at this cemetery range from 1909 to 2002.  However, some additional burials may be located by searching these websites which also include thousands of gravestone photos for St Peter’s:’s-cemetery