There are thousands of names in the marriage and death records that were transcribed from the various Troy newspapers.
Wouldn’t you like to know something about the lives of some of the people that were mentioned in this database? A number of the names on these lists cover individuals that were prominent in our country’s Political, Business, Military and Religious history and TIGS would like to share their stories with you through this series of interesting biographies.

William Howard Allen
Goldsbrow Banyar
Henry Blatchford
Silas Covell
Samuel Dana
Simeon DeWitt
Samuel Dexter
Hezekiah Hurlbut Eaton
Jonas Galusha
John Marshall Gamble
Peter Gamble
Henry Glen
Moses Hale
William Heath
Stephen Hogeboom
David Humphreys
Elias Kent Kane
Jeremiah Lansing
Joseph Loveland
William Telemachus McManus
Gouverneur Morris
John Paulding
Albert Pawling
Freeman Perry
Elihu Phinney
Samuel Provoost
George Reelman
Jacob A. Swits
Isaac Tichenor
Phebe Warren