Find Your Troy, NY area ancestors, Irish or Not!


The menu on the right (or scroll below on tablet/phone) lets you search under the different categories of genealogical records on this website. We have cemetery records from three local counties, as well as other kinds of death records. There are also marriage, birth, military, church memorials, and other types of records. Maybe you’ll find your families here!  You can help by transcribing data The genealogical records that we freely share are made available through the efforts of TIGS volunteer transcribers. We locate and transcribe records loaned to us and post them here so that you can search and find information about your Troy-area ancestors (Irish or not),  You can assist – you don’t need to be in the Troy area – to help us get more records published here. The more transcribers we have, the more data we can put online. To become a transcriber, contact our project manager [email protected] for details.