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The Troy Irish Genealogy Society has its own mailing list on RootsWeb. The list is used for genealogical purposes, but it also serves as a virtual meeting place. Because we may live in different parts of the country and/or the world, the list is a vehicle for us to exchange information and thoughts, refine the direction of our society and to communicate with one another in a practical way.

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If you live locally, we invite you to attend a meeting.

A Soldier from Every War: A Military Tour of St Agnes Cemetery

TIGS February meeting will feature a lecture: A Soldier From Every War. Mark Bodner's presentation is a virtual tour of soldiers that served in many of our country’s conflicts. When: Sunday February 16, 2020, 1:30pm-3pm Where: The Troy Public Library, 100 2nd St, Troy...

January 2020 TIGS meeting

On January 16, we'll be meeting at Brown's Brewing Company on River Street in Troy (6:30pm) PLease rsvp to