Find your Troy-area ancestors, Irish or not


Look-Up Day – March 23

Have you noticed those Ancestry TV ads and wondered about your own family history, but you’re not sure how to get started? Are you curious about what ship your immigrant grandparents came on or when they arrived in the US? Members of the Troy Irish Genealogy Society (TIGS) will be at the library to perform online look-ups to help you out.

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March TIGS Meeting

The March TIGS meeting will be on Sunday, Mar 24 1:30-3:30 at the East Greenbush Community Library, featuring a presentation by Kelly Grimaldi (Historian for the Roman Catholic Diocese Cemeteries). Her subject is "Understanding Artistic...

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The Troy Irish Genealogy Society (TIGS) is an organization whose main purpose is to collect, share, and preserve genealogy information. We are open to everyone; from people with ties to  Troy or from anywhere with an interest in genealogy. You don’t need to live in Troy, or be of Irish descent, to join or get genealogy information from us. 

The Troy Irish Genealogy Society strives to make genealogy information free to the public. We can only do this from donations, memberships, and volunteers who help us organize this information. If you feel this is a worthy cause; please consider a donation of your time or money. 

TIGS was founded by a group of Irish descendants from Troy and the surrounding area, who met at the Irish Mist Restaurant on Second and Ida Streets in Troy NY on September 18, 2003. Before there was the Troy Irish Genealogy Society, many Troy area researchers were connected, at least by names, through the Rensselaer County Rootsweb mailing list.