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Cohoes Death Records (1834-1876)

The record of deaths in this small, but interesting data series, was taken from the Appendix in the book “The History of Cohoes, New York, from its earliest settlements to the Present Time” written by Arthur Haynsworth Masten and published in 1877.

As indicated in the book, the information was taken from the columns of the Cohoes Advertiser, Cataract, Daily News, and the Troy Times. As typical of records of that time, the names listed are exclusively male.

Of particular interest are the numerous entries for Cohoes young men who died in the Civil War. The unit they were in is noted and in some cases the name of whose command they were under. Many identify the particular battlefield they were killed at. Some men are also listed as being held prisoner at Andersonville.

Another larger group of names cover the “movers and shakers” the men who were instrumental in creating the industrial might that Cohoes once had.

One prominent name mentioned in the records is that of Silliman. The Silliman Memorial Church, constructed in 1896, was a Cohoes landmark on the corner of Mohawk and Ontario Streets. Sadly, the City of Cohoes demolished the church in 1998. The site of the church is now an empty lot. More about Silliman and a church photo can be found at this link:

Many of the records identify date and place of birth, education background and information on their marriage. In nearly all of the records, these men are remembered for their moral and religious background and the outpouring of grief in their community at their passing.

In some cases, there is an obituary, too long to include in the list below. These are indicated by * in record. You can locate the complete records online at      (Appendix, pg 265)

Carolyn Oleyourryk and Bob McConihe  were the transcribers

Cohoes Death Records 1834-1876

1 Abbott George L., Col. 50 September 19, 1862 In Newark, Licking Co., Ohio. Col. Abbott was one of the earliest citizens of Cohoes and a charter member of Cohoes Lodge, F. & A.M. He is remembered as a gentleman of quiet, unobtrusive manners and possessed of those genial qualities which render a man t 6
2 Abel James 54 May 15, 1852 4
3 Ackley Oscar L. February 20, 1864 Mr. A. was a member of the 115th Reg's N.Y. Vols. and was killed at the battle of Olustee, Fla. 7
4 Adams Henry, Dr. 70 July 6, 1857 Father of Hon. Chas. H. Adams. Dr. Adams was born in Coxsackie, N.Y. on July 6,1787, and had thus just completed on the day of his death, three score and ten. He made profession of religion under the ministry of the Rev. Dr. Livingston and was for many ye 4
5 Adams Chas. H., Hon. See: Adams, Henry, Dr. 4
6 Alden See: Frink, John Wesley 15
7 Alexander Benjamin M. 26 January 16,1873 12
8 Almy Joseph 36 November 4,1871 In San Francisco, Cal. 12
9 Archambault Joseph 40 April 6, 1876 15
10 Ardron Richard 59 May 18, 1875 14
11 Ashworth Henry 55 June 1, 1869 10
12 Atheson Joseph A. 37 April 13, 1869 10
13 Atridge Timothy 65 December 4, 1876 16
14 Atwood Joseph August 17, 1868 In Quincy, Ill. Formerly a resident of Cohoes. 9
15 Ayres Edward 40 February 27, 1867 9
16 Ayres Issac D. December 19,1872 In Lansingburg, N.Y., one of the originators and founders of the Cohoes Advertiser in 1847, and the Newark Mercury. The latter years of his life were spent as publisher of the Lansingburg Gazette. 12
17 Badgley Philip 27 September 23, 1851 3
18 Bailey Joshua See: Bailey, Milton 4
19 Bailey Joshua 75 January 21, 1875 in Waterford, N. Y. Mr. Bailey was one of the pioneers of Cohoes, and from his connection with the early history of the knitting business, elsewhere spoken of, had a most important influence in the history of the place. He remained in active business unti 14
20 Bailey Joshua, Jr. See: Bailey, Joshua, Sr., Sen. 4
21 Bailey Joshua, Sr., Sen. 90 January 16, 1853 A revolutionary soldier and father of Joshua and Timothy. Mr. B. was born in East Hampton, Conn. In 1763, removed to Meredith, Delaware Co., N.Y. in 1803, and lived in a log cabin seven years, enduring the hardships and privations incident to the life of 4
22 Bailey Milton 28 September 20, 1855 Son of Joshua Bailey. Mr. B. was secretary of the Bailey Manufacturing Co. 4
23 Bailey Timothy See: Bailey, Joshua, Sr., Sen. 4
24 Bailey Timothy See: Egberts, Egbert 10
25 Bailey See: Mudge, Joseph 2