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Spring Avenue, Troy (Brunswick) NY

St Jean de Baptiste Cemetery Entrance

This database of interments in St Jean de Baptiste Cemetery, Spring Avenue, Troy, New York (Brunswick) has 3100 records ranging from about 1900 to 2009. As the cemetery was operated by the French speaking St Jean de Baptiste Church in Troy, the burials here are overwhelmingly of French-surnamed individuals. This cemetery is still active and is operated by the Albany Diocesan Cemeteries office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany.

Most of the gravestones in this cemetery have been photographed and can be searched here:’s-cemetery

The church of St Jean de Baptiste, located at 230 Second Street, just south of Washington Park in Troy, closed in the 1970’s and is scheduled for demolition in 2018.  Records of Baptisms and Marriages for this parish from 1852 to 1970 (as well as burials from 1875 to 1970) were transcribed by the American Canadian Genealogical Society. These records were purchased by TIGS and are available at the Troy Public Library. 


St Jean Cemetery Troy

1 Abbott Jane 15 1900 1967 Husband: William J. Kehn
2 Abel John C. 4 1895 1957 Wife: Margaret Hart
3 Abel Margaret Hart 4 1885 1970 Husband: John C. Abel
4 Adams Arthur See: Mildred Adams Rowan
5 Adams Arthur See: Walter Adams
6 Adams Arthur 10 1958 Wife: Josie Harbour
7 Adams George H. 6 October 25, 1899 April 19, 1972 Wife: Viola T. Jones Adams, Comment: New York Co. D 105 Infantry, WWI
8 Adams John H. 5 May 31, 1919 August 26, 1989 Age at Death - 26 years Wife: Winona Will, Comment: TEC 3, US Army, WWII
9 Adams Josie Harbour 10 1968 Husband: Arthur Adams
10 Adams Mildred See: Mildred Adams Rowan