Find Your Troy, NY area ancestors, Irish or Not!

During The Period 1801 to 1891

Information in this database was extracted from the book,
TROY’S ONE HUNDRED YEARS, 1789-1889, by Arthur James Weise, M. A.
Published in 1891 by William H. Young, 7 AND 9 First Street, Troy, N. Y.

The Troy Bank’s and their years of operation were:

Bank of Troy–1811-1865.
Central Bank–1853-1865. Name change to Central National Bank – 1865.
Commercial Bank–1839-1862.
Farmers’ Bank–1801-1865.
First National Bank–1863-1883.
Manufacturers’ Bank–1852-1864. Change to Manufacturers’ National Bank-1864.
Market Bank – 1853-1865.
Merchants And Mechanics Bank – 1829-1878.
Mutual Bank – 1852-1865. Changed name to Mutual National Bank – 1865.
National Bank – 1883.
National Exchange Bank – 1865-1877.
State Bank – 1852-1865. Changed name to National State Bank – 1865.
Troy City Bank – 1833-1865. Changed name to Troy City
National Bank – 1865.
Troy Savings Bank – 1823
Union Bank – 1851-1865. Changed name to Union National Bank – 1865.
United National Bank – 1865.

* (NOTE: Where no ending dates are shown, the Banks were presumably still in
business in 1891 when the Troy Book was published. The only Bank still surviving
from this list was Troy Savings Bank until June 16, 2004, when it was acquired by
First Niagara Financial Group.)

While every effort was made to transcribe the data accurately and true to its original spelling,
some errors may appear. When in doubt or for further information, the researcher is advised to
refer to the original source.

The following Troy Irish Genealogy Society Members worked on this project:

Cathy & Bill McGrath, Clifton Park, NY
Bob Plunkett, Troy, NY
Susan Toomy – Georgia
Eileen Callahan Werth, Plymouth Meeting, PA