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The Troy Post Marriage Records


The Troy Post was a weekly newspaper published in Troy. It was first published in 1812 by William S. Parker and Pelatiah Bliss until 1823, when Parker began publishing the Troy Sentinel newspaper. Microfilm copies of the newspaper are at the Troy Library and the State Library in Albany.

The 1,152 marriage records that were published in the Troy Post will be of particular interest to Troy area genealogy researchers since the date of the marriage predates the 1880 N.Y.S. law on reporting of this information. Most of the records show the residence of the bride and groom and for those records where the bride is identified as a “Mrs.” this is a clue that the marriage was a second one. Military ranks (Gen., Lieut., Captain, Col., etc.) are indicated for a number of the names.

The numbers shown for page/column identifies the page and column number in the Troy Post where the marriage notice was published. Marriage records published in newspapers for this time period were limited to very brief information such as the name, residence and date of marriage. If the individual was of some prominence, then it is possible that there may be a further story in the paper.

1 Abbey Dorrephus January 8, 1816 Clark Catharine M. Mount Pleasant, PA January 9, 1816 3.3
2 Abbott Jonas November 27, 1814 St.John Harriet Brunswick, NY November 29, 1814 3.4
3 Adams Azuba January 6, 1816 Hale James Waterford, NY January 9, 1816 3.3
4 Adams Barent May 21, 1814 Barry Maria Bloomfield May 24, 1814 3.4
5 Adams Eunice, Mrs. January 29, 1817 Foster John Troy, NY February 11, 1817 3.4
6 Adams Harmon April 9, 1816 Millard Grace Hampton May 14, 1816 3.4
7 Adams Harriet August 20, 1817 Smith Henry Fair Haven, VT August 26, 1817 3.3
8 Adams Henry August 13, 1821 Fairchild Mary Susan Troy, NY August 21, 1821 3.4
9 Adams Joseph October 28, 1815 VanDerheyden Tiney Brunswick, NY October 31, 1815 3.3
10 Adams Nathanial I. August 8, 1821 Chase Louisa Troy, NY August 21, 1821 3.4