George Reelman

1707 – 1819

George Reelman was born in March 8, 1707 in the city of Landau, Germany.

Court House – Landau, Germany

He had four children in Germany, three of whom died before his emigration. He embarked for this country at Holland, in a vessel bound for Philadelphia, with his wife and remaining child, a son. His wife died at sea on the voyage. George arrived, with his son, in Philadelphia in 1740.

Reelman was a patriot and a hero, as well as a moralist and a Christian. He served two campaigns in Germany – he was engaged in the famous battle of Prague, where he and a fellow soldier escaped by the hand of Divine Providence from a slaughter of 20,000 men, by swimming their horses across adjacent waters.

He died in Guilderland, New York on October 2, 1819 at the age of 112 years, 6 months and 25 days. His son, also at an advanced age, was living at the residence of his deceased father.

(NOTE: While the Troy newspaper shows November 2, 1819 as date of death, other newspapers and references say October 2nd is the correct date.)

Note: Death notice for Reelman was published in The Troy Post on November 9, 1819.