Christ Church United Methodist

Christ Church – United Methodist

35 State Street
Troy , New York

The congregation of Christ Church is a church with a long history and can trace its roots back to the first community of Methodists in Troy which began holding meetings in 1793. From that group, the State Street Methodist Episcopal Church was formed in 1808.  

 By 1860 there were nine Methodist churches in Troy. In addition to State Street Methodist Episcopal Church there was North Second Street Episcopal (later named Fifth Avenue Methodist Episcopal when North Second Street became Fifth Avenue), Congress Street Methodist Episcopal (later named Trinity Methodist Church), Third Street Methodist Episcopal, Levings Chapel, Albia Methodist Episcopal, North Troy Methodist Episcopal, German Methodist Episcopal and Zion Methodist Episcopal.

In 1871, the Methodists of State Street had outgrown their second building, a large brick structure built in 1827 and a new church was designed and constructed. Gothic in design, the structure was completed and dedicated on March 30, 1871 by Bishop Matthew Simpson. The new building, with seating for 900, was constructed of blue limestone and is today one of the more beautiful churches in Troy. Its imposing steeple reaches 175 feet from the sidewalk to the finial. The cost of the new building was $125,000, a staggering amount for its day. Architects for the new church were Woollett & Ogden.

In 1879 the Third Street Methodist Episcopal Church merged with State Street Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1925, the State Street Methodist Episcopal Church, the Fifth Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church and the German Methodist Episcopal Church were merged into one congregation called the Fifth Avenue- State Street Methodist Episcopal Church. The first united service was held on September 13, 1925. In 1965 the State Street-Fifth Avenue Methodist Church and Trinity Methodist Church merged and chose as their new name, Christ Church United Methodist. 

Many of the “holy relics” of the Trinity Methodist Church were transferred from that building and integrated into the State Street building. An entire chapel was constructed using the sacred objects from the Trinity church building.

The following Memorial Names that were found in Christ Church United Methodist were transcribed by TIGS volunteer Rebecca Rector.



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