156 First Street (at corner of 1st and Liberty St)

St John’s Episcopal

In 1830, a small group of parishioners who were disenchanted with the “high church” atmosphere of the Troy and Lansingburgh Episcopal churches, broke off and formed St. John’s Episcopal Church. Rev. John A. Hicks became its minister in 1831. At first, the congregation purchased the old St. Paul’s church before the present St. John’s building was built in 1853 at First and Liberty Streets. Located at the corner of Liberty and First Streets in downtown Troy, St. John’s is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The church was built of brown Connecticut stone in an English Gothic style. The nave can seat 450. In addition to the nave, the church building contains a narthex, a chime tower, sacristy, and a chancel with a handsome marble altar backed by carved stone reredos, and a chapel.                                  

 Its remarkable brownstone steeple, one of only a few left standing in the country, houses a splendid Meneely 11-bell chime and its Tiffany and other stained glass windows are amazing treasures to behold. Of particular interest is the window “Vision of the Holy City” a masterpiece created and built by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The “Vision” is five lancets, the largest over 24 feet high. It was completely restored over a three-year period and was reinstalled in December 2000.

St John’s Episcopal Church Troy