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The Troy Irish Genealogy Society has its own mailing list on RootsWeb. The list is used for genealogical purposes, but it also serves as a virtual meeting place. Because we may live in different parts of the country and/or the world, the list is a vehicle for us to exchange information and thoughts, refine the direction of our society and to communicate with one another in a practical way.

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Look-Up Day – March 23

Have you noticed those Ancestry TV ads and wondered about your own family history, but you’re not sure how to get started? Are you curious about what ship your immigrant grandparents came on or when they arrived in the US? Members of the Troy Irish Genealogy Society (TIGS) will be at the library to perform online look-ups to help you out.

March TIGS Meeting

The March TIGS meeting will be on Sunday, Mar 24 1:30-3:30 at the East Greenbush Community Library, featuring a presentation by Kelly Grimaldi (Historian for the Roman Catholic Diocese Cemeteries). Her subject is "Understanding Artistic...